Abstract Submission Guidelines

The authors are kindly requested to follow exactly the below abstract submission guidelines:

  • The abstract is submitted in a word.doc 97-2003 document or of a later edition.
  • The format of the research and review abstract has to be submitted in the English Language and be structured in paragraphs as follows: Introduction-Purpose-Methodology-Results-Conclusions-Key Words.
  • At the start of each paragraph its title has to be written in bold characters, e.g., Introduction, Purpose, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Key Words.
  • The authors are fully responsible for the content and the quality of their paper.
  • The above-mentioned guidelines apply for the posters, depending the paper (review or research); (indicative) references have to be mentioned. In the final poster, the indicative references used for the poster will only be mentioned. (Suggested Referencing System: Vancouver).
  • The word limit of the abstract is 350 words. The text should be formed as a typical A4 word document (21X29,7 cm); the margins up-down must be of 2,54 cm; the margins right-left of 3,17 cm.
  • Abstracts should be written in Arial 11 pt. fonts, of single space and fully justified.
  • The title of the paper should be written in bold capital letters and center aligned.
  • The name of the author or the authors should be written just under the title of the paper.
  • The names of the authors must be written in nominative, in small caps, first name written in full and then the surname (e.g., Georgios Papadopoulos and not Papadopoulos)
  • An indicator on the right side of the surname will refer to the specialty, the working place as well as the city of origin of the author. e.g.,
    • Konstantinos Papadopoulos1, Eleni Politi2
    • 1nurse, “Agios Andreas” General Hospital of Patras
    • 2Urologist, National Health System Director, University General Hospital of Patras
  • The name of the author requiring to present the paper has to be written in bold underlined fonts.
  • Standard abbreviations, tables and diagrams can be contained, provided that they are not out of the text alignment margins and the text does not exceed the total of 350 words (the text only, not the names or institutions).

Important dates

Registrations for the 15th Panhellenic Congress of Nuclear medicine are open.
The starting date of the 15th Panhellenic Congress of Nuclear Medicine is 27th May 2021.
The closing date is 30th May 2021.