By registering at this conference, I understand that although I retain the option of not giving consent to third parties, I give the organizers my personal data and therefore I consent to their use for the purpose of future communication with me about products, services or events. I also understand and agree that my data can be stored and used by conference organizers to hold the conference and analyze visitors’ traffic in order to improve the experience for both visitors and other people. I understand and agree that organizers can store my personal data outside of the European Economic Zone for these purposes, and I give my consent. I understand that as part of security and attendance at the conference, my badge can be scanned at entry and exit. This process is not related to my choices regarding consent to third parties. Finally, I understand that the conference venue and the speeches are videotaped and photographed in order for this material to be published on printed publications and web pages and displayed online and on TV. Given my attendance at the conference, I understand that it is possible to include myself in pictures and photographs and I give my consent.