2nd e-business World 2013 Conference

e-business means BIG business!

The 2nd e-business World Conference aims to promote the significant perspective for development in one of the most fast pacing sectors of economy. To pinpoint the available opportunities, stress their dynamics and focus on the relation between e-business and competitiveness, together with extroversion.

The effect of e-business on a personal and national level is so immense that it has by far overcome that of the critical mass: It’s everyone and everything, it has changed the rules of the game and it creates digital opportunities never imagined a few years ago!

And according to the specialists of the market, we haven’t seen anything yet: by exploiting the most important trends emerging in the digital world – be it the social networks and the huge amount of data produced every day – e-business seems to successfully pick up the gauntlet thrown by the new economy and constantly expanding beyond the established transactions.

 To whom it may concern: The power of “e”!

The 2nd e-business World Conference 2013, addresses all those companies that are already operating or wish to operate in the only market sector that shows growth this year, offering products and services over the Internet: e-shops, e-publishing, e-learning, e-banking, e-recruitment, e-marketing, e-ticketing and generally, all kinds of B2C or B2B activity, without overlooking the importance of e-citizen under the umbrella of e-government.

The conference also addresses another dynamic industry: all those who supply, in the sense of outsourcing, goods or services to other businesses, so that they can make the most of the opportunities in e-business (developers, trading, transportation, packaging, platforms, etc.).

The Conference aims to become the annual meeting place of the market management. At the same time, it aims to offer solutions to all those interested and actively seek new and innovative ways, which, combined with proper networking and synergies, will help them improve their performance.

It is also addressing all the young people who aspire to realize their dreams and ideas materializing their first in the Internet business, by exploiting the advantages offered by e-business (reduced operating costs, rapid implementation, utilization of social media, creating new channels in dealing with customers, ability to interact with the international market).

e-business is smart business: Opportunities, challenges and trends

The first session of the conference is by custom devoted to mapping the area of e-business; both nationally and internationally. Besides, having the Internet as the sole “operator”, e-business cancels all restrictions since borders and operating times are unknown…

Analyzing the most recent data gathered by researches of the market, academics and research companies will present their findings and will highlight market trends by proceeding in estimates about the course of e-business in our country, but also in comparison to Greece’s position in the international e-business arena.

The omens are admittedly good: given that we live under recession, consumers are looking for, compare and investigate thoroughly the internet before they buy anything and are increasingly turning to online shopping. Therefore growth of 50% annually should not surprise us in regard to Greek reality although we still lag compared to the European average.

 Any business is e-business!

e-business (as traditional entrepreneurship) is not the same for everyone. Every business has its own ways and methods by which it evolves in the market, depending on the sector it operates in, its target group and the “openness” of the mind of those who manage it.

Something similar happens in the digital world, if not more challenging as the business executives often resort to experimentation in order to address the issue of transition from traditional to digital entrepreneurship.

This “core” session of the Conference examines the many different ways in which companies approach e-business through case studies and best practices.

Presented in the session, will be applications, from the viewing angle of e-shops, but also more modern ones that efficiently combine the three mega-trends of the season: mobile devices, social media and big data.

At the same time, this session will respond with convincing arguments to the big question posed by entrepreneurs, old and contemporary: how can I monetize all the investment made and also amend the losses from the crisis?

See what the leaders of the market do and get to know the tools, methods and solutions they use.

 Problems of a free e-business: there’s a solution to every problem.

The outlook may be excellent, but that does not mean that there are no problems… Despite the undoubted advantages e-business offers to businesses and consumers, the digital entrepreneurship has not yet been established in our country to the extent that it should.

In order to achieve the much desired convergence with the advanced European countries, we should first resolve several institutional, fiscal and legal problems, increase access speeds to all kinds of e-shops, to improve the security levels and above all, to inform the consumers not to be afraid of electronic transactions, or at least, treat them having taken measures in advance, that will protect them from any kind of threat.

Finally, this session will examine practical solutions related to outsourcing products and services, so that the entrepreneur can concentrate in development.

 The future of e-business: the day ahead!

In an ever and fast changing world, the conference will try to approach the future of e-business and see the best solutions in order to maintain competitiveness. What will the future bring to e-business, apart from converting “e” to “m”? How will the market use the new tools offered (mobility, indoor local services, augmented reality etc.)?

Everyone now admits that the solution to the crisis is digital and technology offers generously to those who are interested to adopt and develop it, to as to reap –sooner or later- the fruits of success.

With the lure of personification, as well as a useful services to the customer, the enlargement of offers in new sectors of business such as insurance, financial services and real estate, the even greater reward for loyal customers, the full prevalence of portability, the “anytime-anywhere-any device” logic, the enhancement of customer experience, the use of modern tools, the synergies with social media and the “obstetrics” analysis of big data to the benefit of the company that gathers (or buys) data, is perhaps the most important trends. What of all these will emerge as most valuable in the coming years, remains to be seen…