His Excellency The Customer: Convert Visits and Users to Money!


In previous years, the eBusiness World Conference highlighted the basic functions that an eShop must have in order to be effective, productive and profitable. Functions such as product search, email marketing, search engine optimization, usability of the site, presence in social media, content marketing and many more.

The fourth conference in this series recognizes the maturity of eCommerce and the efforts that companies have made to implement all the above. Today, the critical mass of e-businesses has turned its attention to the increase of traffic and the conversion of visits to complete transactions (conversion rate). In simple words, companies are trying to capitalize the relationship with the customer and to gain greater share of his wallet. However, that alone is not good enough: ebusinesses need to create a coherent, consistent and compelling experience on all points of contact and transaction with their customers online and offline: from the mobile and social to the physical store and even beyond.

Due to advancements in technology, the consumer / customer is better informed and more conscious than ever, which makes it even more difficult for businesses to attract, convert and retain new and existing customers. He is the one who has the power of “setting” the future of  eCommerce. Additionally, the increase in mobile connectivity means that customers are no longer either online or in physical store, but more and more on both channels simultaneously.



This year’s eBusiness & Social Media World Congress aims to help eShops and eBusinesses to evolve in the field of eCommerce and earn a greater share of the customer wallet. This will be achieved through the presentation and analysis of current and future trends in the area of appropriate technological tools & solutions, successful strategies and best practices that have been implemented in different industries.


Target Audience

The conference is addressed to all executives and professionals working in the field of eCommerce and eBusiness, the Internet, digital marketing, transport, payments, security, logistics and supply chain.


Suggested Conference Topics

eShops and eBusinesses focus on creating unique customer experience, investing in the ability to meet their customers’ needs and innovating through revolutionary technology.

The theme of the conference is structured in such a way as to show what businesses must do and look for in the not-so-distant future; to create customer experiences that build trust and profitability.


Trends and Challenges

The conference begins with the presentation of trends and challenges on most hot issues in the eCommerce sector.

  • One of the top issues on the agenda is the development of electronic cross-border trade. Over the next few years, EU aims to remove all obstacles that are hampering it today.
  • How Boomers and Millennials are shopping and how this affects the eShops;
  • The future of shopping is now and we all have to prepare properly for it. But what exactly does that mean?
  • Finally, what is the legal meaning of cookies?


Session 1: Do It!

In this session we present and analyze the solutions, tools and strategies that companies should adopt in order to survive in the field of eCommerce in next medium term. This section discusses issues such as: what is the programmatic ad buying and how it shapes the field of digital marketing, what are the best strategies for integrated omnichannel customer experience, how the conversion of one-time shopper to loyal customer is achieved, how the rise of mobile devices changes eCommerce, what does this mean for eShops and what is the automation marketing.



Session 2: Quick Wins

The second session deals with the development of “emerging” digital skills and strategies that will improve the competitiveness of eShops. The raging “war” for mobile payments has gripped everyone and nobody can stay out of the game; automated pricing optimization and affiliate marketing are two great options for marketing while security remains within the top 3 concerns of consumers shopping online. This session covers also three more topics that emerge from the needs and demands of consumers: Social Commerce, Big Buying Days and Free Returns / Free Shipping, offerings being regarded today as a competitive advantage by the customers.



Session 3: Worth Considering

The next session deals with technologies, methods and strategies that will shape the future of eCommerce. Those who try to implement them today, most certainly will not be among the losers in the future. This section deals with issues such as management of large amounts of data through analytics tools, next day or even the same day delivery, the in-store pickup, the content marketing for eShops, the use of online video in favor of increasing the conversion rate and new customer acquisition models (e.g. personal buying assistant).



Session 4: B2B & Tools

The fourth session is dedicated to ebusiness among companies and the necessary tools to set up one profitable business. What are the latest trends and developments in eProcurement, eInvoicing and eLogistics; What is the European benchmarking tool that can be used by online businesses? What are the trends in eCommerce design; Finally, what is the best e-commerce platform?



The Marketplace

The conference closes with the presentation of best practices and case studies of e-commerce applications in different industries such as Online Grocery, ePharmacy and eFashion. Of particular interest will be the Roundtable entitled: “Profitability of Online Shops”. Distinguished executives of eCommerce companies discuss the different ways to attain profitability of eShops and future market.


About previous conferences

The eBusiness & Social Media World is the largest combined conference in Greece focusing on the sectors of e-business, e-commerce, digital marketing and Social Media. For three consecutive years, it brings together -in average- more than 2,500 executives and professionals, as well as hundreds of companies that actively support the conference. Due to the quality and size of the conference, it receives wide coverage by the media.

For more information please visit the websites: http://www.e-businessworld.gr/ and http://www.socialmediaworld.gr/, and the Social Media channels to Facebook , Twitter, Instagram  and YouTube.