SmartPress publications have had a long experince in the field of technology, although it has recently expanded to other fields too. It has connected it’s dynamic publishing effort with realizing the vision of getting the average Greek reader acqauinted and educating to the achievements of modern technology. Moreover, SmartPress aims to positively contribute to establishing a new corporate environment and promote innovation, putting every possible effort so that it’s publications become the tool in the hands of corporate opionion leaders.

Through it’s publications such as “Kiniti Tilefonia & Tilepikinonies”, “Digital Life”, “Info Com” and “Mobile Life”, it’s websites, and of course it’s conferences such as Green ICT, Info Com World and Info Com Cyprus, Smartpress is rightfully considered by all (corporate executives, public officials and scientists) as one of the most accredited information providers in the fields of ICT

SmartPress’s Activities are:


  • Kiniti Tilefonia & Tilepikinonies
  • Info Com
  • Digital Life
  • Mobile Life
  • Special Editions
  • Mobile Guide
  • Info Com Yearbook




  • Info Com World: Annual Conference on Telecommunications, Informatics and Technologies
  • Green ICT
  • Info Com Cyprus
  • Info Com Smartpress & Applications
  • Info Com Security
  • Mobile Awards

Mobile awards is the annual accreditation of outstanding executives as well as consumer devices, according to the impact these had to the public as well as to a specialized community.