Founded in 1968, by the Honoured Member of the Academy of Athens for Sciences and Philosophy, Professor of Medicine Vassilios Malamos, HSNM&MI is one of the oldest European societies in Nuclear Medicine.

HSNM&MI operates and acts as the main and only consultant for the Greek State, in any kind of issue including and interfering with Nuclear Medicine. Since the beginning, HSNM&MI has kept on collaborating worldwide with EANM, WFNMB and IAEA.
In addition, HSNM&MI has a leading role concerning the promotion of Nuclear Medicine in the Balkan region, by contributing to the organization of BCNM congresses.

HSNM&MI aims
Scientific development of Nuclear Medicine and its biological applications.
Contributing to research, study and optimization of Nuclear Medicine applications in Greece.
Promoting Nuclear Medicine education in the context of continuing medical education
Promoting cooperation of other disciplines in the field of Nuclear Medicine.
Formulation, protection and compliance with radiation protection regulations, in accordance with the existing provisions, regarding handling, use and disposal of radioisotopes.
Representation and cooperation of the Society’s representatives with the State, the European Union and international scientific bodies in general.

HSNM&MI has a total of 380 members, including Nuclear Medicine physicians and residents, Nuclear physicists, Technologists, Radiobiologists and Radiopharmacists.

Membership benefits
Right to participate in the HSNM&MI bodies and committees
Right to participate in the HSNM&MI decision making, as a member of the General Assembly
Access to e-learning material and announcements of the Members’ Area
Discount in HSNM&MI and affiliated associations’ events’ registration

Important dates

Registrations for the 15th Panhellenic Congress of Nuclear medicine are open.
The starting date of the 15th Panhellenic Congress of Nuclear Medicine is 27th May 2021.
The closing date is 30th May 2021.